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Spanish Association for the Protection of Competition

The AEDC gathers numerous professionals (principally lawyers, economists and academics) who specialise in the study and application of European and national regulations in the Competition law and Unfair Competition law areas.

AEDC - Documents and Meetings

We organise regular conferences and seminars for the study of developments in Competition law and its relevant regulations, analysing and considering their practical application and evolution. This process takes place in conjunction with competent entities and institutions across all relevant areas, in order to contribute to the improvement of Competition law regulation and policies in Spain and in Europe.

Areas of Interest

Cartels and horizontal agreements Vertical agreementsAbuse of dominant positionEconomic concentrationsState aidPrivate application of Competition law and damages claimsUnfair CompetitionInstitutional and Procedural questions International

Articles of Association

The AEDC was founded in 1986, at the initiative of a group of renowned jurists and legal professionals. Follow the link to read our Articles of Association - nuestros estatutos.

Contact us

If you are interested in contacting us or forming part of AEDC, you can do so via this form, or by writing to

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